About Transafe

Dear CMV Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in joining PetroStar Services LLC. To assist in expediting your application for

employment, please complete the attached Commercial Driver application packet entirely.

To ensure that your application is processed quickly and efficiently, please following the below

instructions as well as the instructions on each page of the applications.

  • DOT Application must be completely filled out. Use N/A (not applicable) if the question does not apply

to you, or if you do not need the additional spaces for information. Do not leave blanks. Use N/A (not

applicable) if something does not apply to you, or you do not need any additional spaces for

information. Do not leave blanks.

  • Ensure your previous employment / history goes back ten (10) years. This is FMCSA requirement

and the application can not go through processing if this is not complete. If you do not have ten (10)

years of work history, please account for the time going back ten years, including unemployed or selfemployed.

Use N/A in the spaces provide.

  • Submit a COLOR copy, or picture of the front and back of your current valid Driver’s License and

Social Security Card with your application.

  • Submit a copy of your most recent DOT Medical card and any safety training cards you currently


  • Ensure that all questions are answered truthfully and accurately to the best of your knowledge.

Omission or falsification will disqualify you from employment.

  • You will be required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Drug & Alcohol CLEARINGHOUSE, at

login.gov , prior to employment. If you have not registered, please take time to do this. It is the new

FMCSA requirement as of January 2020.

  • If you have any questions regarding your Commercial Driving Application, please do not hesitate to contact

your hiring manager! Driverprocessing@transafe-inc.com or kevin@transafe-inc.com     

Download file here