Log Auditing

HOS & Falsification

Reduce the risk of CSA Fatigued Driving violations with Transafe’s driver log auditing services. Accurate and complete driver log auditing is critical for catching falsification and avoiding costly fines. But auditing is a labor-intensive, tedious and time-consuming process.

Transafe’s Driver Log Auditing Services can take much of this burden off your hands. A dedicated client service specialist with log auditing regulatory knowledge oversees your account and works with you to help you maintain compliance. Send us your logs, and we’ll organize them, perform a complete audit, and provide timely, relevant reporting.

Key Benefits

  • Improved compliance with hours-of-service regulations
  • Reduced CSA Driver Fatigue violations
  • Compliance reporting that helps you make sound business decisions
  • Consistent processes across your organization
  • Centralized driver database
  • Reduced costs associated with labor, fines and litigation

Log Auditing services include:

  • Employee Report
  • Compliance Notification
  • Driver Summary
  • Violation Summary
  • Missing Logs
  • Exempt Log auditing for drivers who are allowed to comply with CFR 395.1(e)

Log Auditing Falsification Audits include:

  • Employee Report
  • Compliance Notification
  • Driver Summary
  • Violation Summary
  • Missing Logs
  • Comparing supporting documents such as fuel or bill of ladings


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