ConsultingYour Team of Safety Professionals

Transafe, Inc. can serve as your safety, compliance and risk management department. When you outsource your safety and compliance program with Transafe, inc., we become not just your consultant but also your partner in safety and compliance, providing you with a professional safety and compliance program that reduces your safety and regulatory exposure.

Mock Audits

Before the DOT sends you the notice that you're being audited, have Transafe, Inc. review your files. We will conduct a mock audit similar to what the FMCSA will do when the time comes. Be ready and have your files in order. Transafe, Inc. has been through hundreds of audits and knows exactly what the FMCSA is looking for. Stay in compliance with regulations and avoid costly fines by being proactive.

DOT Audits

If you are in business long enough, sooner or later, the D.O.T. is going to come knocking. Even if you have your act together, it still can be an intimidating experience. Let Transafe, Inc. take the fear out of it. We know their procedures inside and out. Transafe is available to sit through DOT audits with you. Transafe's presence helps present your company in the best light possible, and increases the likelihood of you passing the review with a satisfactory rating and no fines.

  • New Entrant Safety Audits
  • Focused Audits
  • Full Compliance Reviews

Audit CAP Responses

If the DOT has already paid a visit and issued a "Less than Satisfactory" rating, Transafe, Inc. can prepare a Safety Management Plan (SMP) for submission to the DOT. The SMP will outline and document the solutions put in place to ensure compliance with the regulations as per 49 CFR, 385.17.

Transafe, Inc. will contact the FMCSA to discuss the DOT compliance review or intervention that resulted in your company receiving a conditional or unsatisfactory rating and develop a plan that will be acceptable to the FMCSA. Transafe, Inc. will assist in collecting evidence showing that corrections have been made to the compliance process, document the evidence and develop a Safety Management Plan to present to the FMCSA.

Often a Transafe, Inc. prepared SMP is accepted and the carrier's rating is upgraded without further intervention by the FMCSA.

Safety Management Programs

Transafe, Inc. has a proven track record for successful safety management programs for all types of trucking companies, a full array of safety training services, safety program development with implementation and staffing for site safety management. The company has successfully created, supported and assisted in DOT regulatory compliance programs for trucking companies, oil field operations, hot shot companies, container and intermodal, and other entities to improve worker and patron safety, as well as reduce insurance costs.

  • Safety Policy & Procedures
  • CSA Proactive Program
  • Equipment & Maintenance Programs

DOT Operating Authority

Need your operating authority? Transafe, Inc. can get you up in running in a minimal amount of time. Whether you need interstate or intrastate authority, let Transafe, Inc. get you rolling quickly.

  • US DOT Number
  • MC Operating Authority
  • BOC-3 Process Agent
  • Texas Intra-state Authority
  • IFTA License Agreement
  • New Mexico WDT
  • And more...


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